Opines on love

Some say love makes you do crazy things, but what happens when we change out view of it and allow ourselves to redefine and unlearn.

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The illusions of the night lead where they will, where will they lead here in?

Reflections of the last days of 26

Celebrating a birthday has always been a very solo experience for me. This has made me very reflective as my birthday draws near. It is a time for me to really look deep within. I wrote out some of what comes out of those moments in this post. The first of this year.


It was a long way from home, the distance had exponentially increased as they waited for the chaos that had erected a tent in their home to come down. Trudy had hoped this would never happen again yet here they were again dealing with the same issue that had been recurring ever since she couldContinue reading “TRUDY’S TRAGEDY”


It’s the summer solstice and Jupiter is in retrograde, I have had a few disappointing dates up my sleeves and others that were just better as friends. The year is halfway through in so many ways it has flown by, what amazes me more than anything is that I have survived being at my mother’sContinue reading “THE UNANTICIPATED”

L is for love

“You never know what love is till you’ve had it and lost it.” “You never truly live till you love.” They said or something close to that,my heart skips a beat at the thought of you and not because I miss you, but because of what you made me feel. With you, I learnt toContinue reading “L is for love”


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